New Build Updates

Brigon Homes is happy to unveil our new Cayman Model. Come and see all the amenities that this showcase home has to offer, as you will be highly impressed as to the Wow factor in this 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 3 car garage home. Upon entering you will notice the eye to detail and the craftsmanship, along with the many and all inclusive features
in this home. Everything that you see in the home, is one set price. Stop in, and see what sets us apart from the competition. You will be glad you did.

Brigon Homes is happy to announce the unveiling of our new “Cayman” model, in South Gulf Cove. We are very excited
about starting this newly designed home. Excavation has started, and will be prepping for the foundation
footers next week.

Brigon Homes is happy to announce the virtual 3D tour of our new Cayman model. This Outstanding floor plan has all the features that you have come to expect in all of our homes. Click on the link for your very own personal tour.     Then reach out to us, to see how simple it is, to construct this home, or any of our other homes, on your lot. Call Today!

Construction in progress at Brigon Homes

Have constructed a 3 & 4 course stem wall for the foundation of the Cayman. Backfill, 1st rough plumbing completed. Electric conduit ran for the kitchen island. Concrete slab is poured, and will be ready for block in a few days.

Our new Cayman model is over 50% completed. We are at the taping and texturing stage for the drywall. Stucco finish has been applied. Looking to start painting the interior of the home by the end of this week. There have been a lot of nice compliments that we have received on the progress of the Cayman model. Schedule an appointment with us, for a preview of this model.

Welcome to our behind-the-scene look at an actual Brigon Homes project. This was our Tradewind home that was recently constructed in Rotonda West, FL.



Every Brigon Home starts with a carefully selected lot. As you will see, we emphasize quality in every aspect of construction. Your new home’s location is no exception.



First, our lots are cleared and graded. The ground under each new home is thoroughly compacted to guard against settling.



Next, underground plumbing is installed, footers are poured, and the concrete slab is smoothed into place to create a firm foundation.



Masons, seasoned veterans in this time-honored profession, meticulously form the exterior walls of our Tradewind model one block at a time.



Carpenters attach the trusses and lay roofing material. Our Tradewind model is really beginning to take shape!



Shingles go on as soon as possible to make sure our new homes stay dry and protected.



After the structure has been dried in, the home’s interior begins to take shape. Quality carpentry is a key element of a Brigon Home.



Dry wall is layered on top of the stud skeleton. In this photo a craftsman is adding crown moldings.



Simultaneously, the Tradewind backyard gets a new pool!



At this point, the exterior walls receive a coating of stucco. In addition to beautifying the concrete block construction, stucco helps seal the home, increasing its weather resistance and improving its efficiency.



A fresh coat of paint and a garage door really dress up the structure. At Brigon Homes, we use exterior coatings designed for the Florida climate. All our doors are reinforced to comply with the Florida hurricane code.



A pool and lanai are integral features of the Florida lifestyle. It’s really like having another room in the house – a very fun room! We offer a wide variety of pool designs to accommodate your particular lifestyle.



As the exterior progresses towards completion, we continue simultaneously with the interior. Here’s a look at the new kitchen cabinets in our Tradewind model. Once installed they are measured for granite countertops.



What a difference a couple of weeks can make! Now we have countertops and a few appliances.



The back yard has changed as well. The screen cage and sod give it a whole new look.



Out front the driveway has been poured and the crew is adding the finishing touches to the landscaping. We’re getting close to completion.

And now we’re finished! Here’s the front of the completed Tradewind model!



Here’s the completed pool deck and screen cage.



Let’s go inside and see the kitchen…


… and the family room.



This home is full of design details…