As you can probably imagine, a newly constructed home can have several advantages over many of the older, existing homes on the market. Here are a few to consider:


Though builders like Brigon Homes have several floor plans ready to build, most contractors are happy to alter these plans to suit your needs. Maybe you favor a door in a different location. Maybe that third bedroom will actually become a study and doesn’t need a closet taking up space. Or perhaps you could use a lanai designed with room for a future summer kitchen in mind. These types of adjustments can add a higher level of comfort and functionality.

Location, Location, Location

You’ve heard it said. When it comes to the value of your real estate investment, location is everything. Buying new allows you to choose where your home is built. This can help your home appreciate in value down the road, but it can also put you right where you want to be: near good schools, on the water, or close to a great golf course. Proper location also means you’re away from less desirable areas of town like busy streets or noisy industrial zones.


A new home smells new the moment you walk in the door. That’s because it is! But, it’s more than that. This delightful aroma also tells you everything should be working smoothly. If not, you don’t have to waste a single second searching for repair companies or comparing estimates. You’ve got warranties. Your roof, plumbing, cooling system, pool equipment, kitchen appliances, and practically everything else is all covered, in some cases for years.

Inside Knowledge

One big advantage of being present as your home is constructed is that you have the ability to watch the progress. And, not only that. You also have the ability to record the process if you want. Take pictures at various stages of construction to use as a record years down the road. One day you may want to modify your home in some way. These photos will help you plan by mapping the location of pipes, wires, cables, etc. They can also give you an edge when it comes time to sell your home. A nice set of construction pictures can put a potential buyer’s mind at ease. Don’t you wish you had pictures of your current home? The right pictures might help prove your point that your home is worth your asking price. At the very least they will give you an advantage over another seller who has no pictures. Cell phones have great cameras. Use yours to document your new home as it’s built.

State of the Art

Once finished, a new home is ready to move in with no prior prep work on your part. The same cannot be said for many existing homes. The even better news is that your new house will be chocked full of the latest, greatest EVERYTHING. The latest technology, the safest, most energy efficient windows, doors, and appliances, the smoothest garage door, the most enjoyable entertainment system. The list goes on and on. All of it will be waiting for you from your very first day. Also, current day design elements like vaulted ceilings, over sized garages, and eat-in kitchens will likely be a part of the plan. Floor coverings, cabinet fronts, and bathroom fixtures will remain stylish for a long time. Not to mention, you can relax and enjoy it all knowing that everything conforms to today’s stringent safety codes.

It’s true. New homes are not for everyone. But for the people who decide that buying new is right for them, a brand new home will probably help them live happily ever after.