Excavation work on construction of The Horizon Model Center’s pool.




Construction of the interior walls progresses.




Construction of the roof decking, shingle underlayment and exterior wall insulation are completed. Construction on the interior of The Horizon Model Center is set to begin.




Installation of the roof truss system completed on The Horizon Model Center. Construction progresses on installation of the roof decking.




Steel I-beam used in construction of The Horizon Model Center. The I-beam is located over the covered lanai area of the home and its use in construction eliminates the need for support columns thereby allowing for unobstructed views from all windows and doors facing the lanai and pool.




Work progresses on installation of The Horizon Model Center’s roof truss system.




Tie beam construction on The Horizon Model Center is completed allowing for installation of the home’s roof truss system.




Exterior wall construction consisting of concrete block completed on the Horizon Model Home Center.




Rough plumbing and concrete foundation phase of construction completed on the new Horizon Model Home opening to the public in late 2003.